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At some point in your coding journey, eventually you realize the power of publishing. Open source is really cool and it enables sharing technical knowledge and intellectual products at an unprecedented level. But only when you experience first hand:

  • An open source program development on Github
  • Publishing your program on a library like Pypi. Maybe at different stages like:
    • Pre-alpha,
    • Alpha,
    • Beta,
    • Release Candidate,
    • Stable Release)

you really start to feel the incredible power of open source synergies.

It is recommended to every programmer, yet, the knowledge gap seems to prevent many people from getting to that stage.

It’s not that difficult, but there is an open source terminology involved which can be confusing for a lot of people.

This is a huge value loss for everyone, for the programmer, for his environment, eventually for the whole world. Because you never know how far that programmer is going to be able to go if those gaps are bridged and dots are connected.

So, hopefully this Python tutorial empowers coders at the beginning stages of their journey and helps them understand how to package Python code, how to create a library, how to create a module. You might not necessarily be a beginner programmer, but you might not have discovered these topics yet or had the opportunity or occasion for it.

Nevertheless, understanding library structures and entering open source world really expands a coders horizons and we recommend stepping into this knowledge space as soon as possible since the benefits are so high.

You might have just learned how to print “Hello World” or you might actually be producing advanced level programs already and just not have stumbled upon this knowledge yet. In the end, it’s all good. Everyone’s journey is unique and it’s important to embrace and strive to progressively move forward.

Let’s check out the general frame of the packaging process and if you’d like to go deeper in any of the steps we have links for that too.


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